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Gin Masterclass by Peter Jauch

Gin Masterclass events Ruby hotels
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Ever wanted to discover unique flavours of the fascinating spirit that is gin?

Gin Masterclass with Peter Jauch

Now is your chance to taste your way through the variety of flavours and find your personal favourite. We have teamed up with Peter Jauch, a renowned expert from the world of spirits, who will guide you through the evening and let you in on the secrets of gin. 

Once a month, across our hotels, you can experience the different production processes, botanicals, and flavours that make each gin unique. You will be presented with ten different gin products, including special bottlings. Priced at 79 euros per person, this includes the tasting of the gins, expert knowledge, a high-quality tasting glass and of course the breathtaking location of our Rooftop Terraces.

The next one's happening at Ruby Rosi Hotel & Bar. Make sure to mark your calendars for Friday, September 23. 

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Don't miss this opportunity to discover unique flavours of gin.

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Gin Masterclass events Ruby hotels

Ruby Rosi • Munich • 5:30 PM

Gin Masterclass by Peter Jauch

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