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The bar at Ruby Molly

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Meet, mix and mingle

Inspired by the mingling of urban and rural at the nearby 19th-century market, the bar at Ruby Molly is an atmospheric spot to settle in for a drink. Grab a cocktail and a cosy corner, and prepare to share tall tales and grand plans.

By day, it's a laid-back spot to sip coffee and watch the world go by. Come evening, though, the lights dim and the cocktail game gets serious. While our signature drink is hard to beat, we also serve up wines, beers and tasty softies, along with freshly brewed barista coffee.

Fancy a little something on the side? Our Italian-inspired pizzas, piadine and piatti are just the job.

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What's your poison?

Delicious Sour

Infused with the bold flavour of Poitin, blended with the sweetness of apples, the earthiness of rosemary, and hints of citrus and ginger, this drink lets you taste the Irish spirit.

Ruby Molly is cashless

As part of our Lean Luxury approach, the bar at Ruby Molly is cashless. Just tap your credit card for cocktails, coffee and more.

Pizzas, piadine and piatti

Bring a little bit of Italy to the table and share a plate or two of our tasty snacks. Delicious for lunch, dinner or as fuel for exploring the city.

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Game on

Prepare to elevate your Mondays with Game On at our hotel bars. Let our collection of vintage board games awaken your inner child as you challenge friends or make new ones over a round of timeless classics. Grab your favourite drink, find a cosy seat, and let the games begin.

Can't join us on Mondays? No worries. Our games are available for play every day of the week. Simply let our host know that the Game’s On.


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Celebrate at Ruby Molly

If you're planning a party or a special occasion, the bar at Ruby Molly makes a brilliant backdrop. Drop us a line about what you've got in mind, and our friendly team will help bring your event to life.

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