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Love IRL - Find Your Perfect Match


Hey there, fans of good flirts,

are you ready to leave the digital world behind and experience genuine connections? Join us at Ruby Emma Hotel & Bar Amsterdam for Love IRL on June 11th, from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.

In a world where online interactions dominate, the chance for genuine face-to-face meetings is becoming increasingly scarce. That's why we're shaking things up: no more polished profiles and digital filters – it's time for a unique offline gathering where real connections take center stage.

Hosted by Noah Millman, it's an evening of real-life fun, including games and a drag performance to break the ice. Whether you're hoping to find your soulmate, new in town or just keen to meet like-minded folks – everyone's welcome to join us for a fun night of reconnecting in person 💖 

Date until late in the evening and stay the night at Ruby Emma Hotel & Bar.

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