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Spotlight Sessions by «stadtklang» with Morley

Morley_Spotlight Sessions_Stadtklang

This one's for you.

Morley - a harmonic combination of voices and sounds.

That magic when exactly the right minds come together and everything harmonizes in a wonderful and harmonic way, remains as the most valuable characteristic of timeless music. It almost sounds as if their voices are holding hands lovingly. With Morley, it's all about sounding good together. Each has their shining moments, but none of them overshadows the others. The three musicians Lydia Schiller, Melissa Muther and Rosa Kremp have unique voices that create something almost mystical. This combination seems totally effortless at the same time - this is true friendship. The three women are always smiling at each other; after all, they are sincere fans of each other.

That sounds like music in your ears? - Join us on Thursday, June 27th, at Ruby Leni Hotel & Bar

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