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Spotlight Sessions by Magika - Comedy Show with Nimsaj

Are you ready for a night full of laughter? Ruby Sofie welcomes you to our Comedy Show. Join us for an evening filled with fun and humour, featuring three top-notch comedians.

This one is for you.

Get ready for a night full of laughter hosted by the hilarious Jasmin Nimsaj, the Austrian-Egyptian stand-up comedian and founder of Nimsaj Comedy. Joining her on stage are four comedians who will keep you laughing all night long.

Malinda Perera, originally from Sri Lanka and Malaysia, started his stand-up career in 2016 before relocating to Dublin in 2021 to advance his comedy career. His debut solo special, “Not A Drug Dealer,” was performed in 50 cities across 24 countries with a sold out in 2022. Malinda also appeared on RTÉ’s popular sketch comedy series, “No Worries If Not”.

Lin Riva: Since bursting onto Vienna’s English Comedy scene in 2022, Lin Riva has delighted audiences with humorous tales from her absurd life, and whimsical musings from her quirky mind. Juggling numerous hobbies, this dramatic queer millennial captivates with personal anecdotes that are both touching and hilarious.

Jacob Liss, an American comedian in Vienna, offers a no-holds-barred comedy experience, known for his energetic and entertaining performances.

Lastly, meet Bianca Klein, who brings a sharp, socially critical humour to Vienna's comedy scene, sharing insights into daily absurdities with wit and candor.

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and join us at Ruby Sofie for that special Spotlight Sessions. Enjoy a unique and relaxed evening filled with laughter, great company, and maybe one or three skilfully shaken cocktails.

We can't wait to spend this evening with you. Just so you know, the ticket is just a reservation for your spot, the drinks will be charged on-site. And don't forget, Ruby is cashless.

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