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Spotlight Sessions Daytime Dance by Magika with Franco & Orenda Sophie

17 8 orleanda psd 1
Are you ready to dive into the magic of music? Ruby Lissi welcomes you to an evening with Franco & Orenda Sophie.

This one is for you.

Orenda Sophie, originally from South Africa and raised in Austria, now calls Vienna home. Known for her eclectic DJ sets ranging from ambient to bouncy beats with a touch of dark, cat-like dirty bass, she creates a dynamic atmosphere on the dance floor, often referred to as a “Katzentanz”. Influenced by her multicultural upbringing, Orenda effortlessly blends genres like Berlin Downtempo, 70s Mexican Disco Pop, Detroit House, Minimal, Hip Hop, and Italo Funk, showcasing her love for diverse vocalists. After moving to Indonesia and encountering the collective Magika during a visit to Vienna, Orenda Sophie became inspired to shape the downtempo scene with unique scenographies and soundscapes. Unbound by specific genres, she explores music's deep heart, spinning thoughtful stories that whisk listeners away like a playful summer breeze.

Franco, DJ during the day, Baker during the night. Originally from Italy, she brings not only disco vibes on the dance floor, her natural good vibe is contagious.

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends, join us at Ruby Lissi for that Spotlight Session and enjoy a unique and relaxed evening of music and maybe one or three skilfully shaken cocktails.

We can't wait to spend this evening with you. Just so you know, the ticket is just a reservation for your spot, the drinks will be charged on-site. And don't forget, Ruby is cashless.

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