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Spotlight Sessions by «stadtklang» with Alina Sebastian

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Are you ready to dive into the magic of music? Ruby Coco welcomes Alina Sebastian. Join us & dive into her magical folk pop.

This one is for you.

From heartache to empowerment. From impulsive to controlled. From fragility to independence.

Awarded five times at the German Rock & Pop Awards, singer-songwriter Alina Sebastian has crafted a distinct musical style blending influences from pop and country music. Her sound is truly one-of-a-kind in the German music scene. Combined with gripping rock beats, wrapped in a ballad dress, fused with current pop music or as a funky uptempo song, Alina and her band thus present every facet of contemporary Nashville Country. With exclusively their own material, electric as well as acoustic, the musicians offer a great country firework, which has its wild, but also its emotionally profound moments.

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends, join us at Ruby Coco for that Spotlight Session and enjoy a unique and relaxed evening of music and maybe one or three skilfully shaken cocktails.

We can't wait to spend this evening with you. Just so you know, the ticket is just a reservation for your spot, the drinks will be charged on-site. And don't forget, Ruby is cashless.

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Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the magic of music.

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  • Bar of Ruby Coco Hotel Dusseldorf
  • Bar of Ruby Coco Hotel Dusseldorf
  • Bar of Ruby Coco Hotel Dusseldorf
  • Bar of Ruby Coco Hotel Dusseldorf

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