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Spotlight Sessions by «stadtklang» with Bellaa

8 8 24 stadtlang 1
Are you ready to dive into the magic of music? Ruby Emma welcomes Bellaa. Join us & dive into her incredible music.

This one is for you.

Meet Bellaa: Utrecht's Rising Star

Bellaa, a 22-year-old musician from Utrecht, has been immersed in music her entire life, singing and playing the piano from a young age. This year, she began recording her own songs. Bellaa's debut single, “Mood,” showcases her stunning voice and fun lyrics, blending her classical training with modern influences. The captivating music video introduces her unique sound to the world. Determined to succeed in the music industry, Bellaa's commitment and distinctive style make her one to watch. She plans to continue creating music and visuals that connect with listeners and leave a lasting impression. As her career progresses, fans can expect more releases and performances. Bellaa's journey is just beginning, and she is eager to see where it leads.

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends, join us at Ruby Emma for that Spotlight Session and enjoy a unique and relaxed evening of music and maybe one or three skilfully shaken cocktails.

We can't wait to spend this evening with you. Just so you know, the ticket is just a reservation for your spot, the drinks will be charged on-site. And don't forget, Ruby is cashless.

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Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the magic of music.

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  • Bar of Ruby Emma Hotel Amsterdam
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  • Bar of Ruby Emma Hotel Amsterdam
  • Lounge of Ruby Emma Hotel Amsterdam

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