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Spotlight Sessions by «stadtklang» with Makeda

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Are you ready to dive into the magic of music? Ruby Ella welcomes Makeda. Join us & enjoy her magical indie pop.

This one is for you.

Meet Makeda: A Journey of Identity and Empowerment

"Black or white - they're tryna make me choose. I'm a big girl now, I can tie my own shoes."

Makeda Michalke, a half Trinidadian, half German artist, often feels torn between different aspects of her identity. Through honest lyrics and emotional performances, she explores life's beautiful, hopeful, and empowering moments, while delving into its complexities. Using bass, piano, Ableton, or guitar, she seeks deeply buried insights, making life worth living. As one of Bonn's best-known musicians, she earned Christina Aguilera's admiration for her talent. With her band "Steal a Taxi," Makeda represented Bonn at the Chengdu International Music Festival in China in 2015. She has performed in Cologne, Vienna, and starred in the Whitney Houston musical "Bodyguard." In 2019, she secured second place in the Eurovision Song Contest preliminaries with her song "The Day I Loved You Most" and performed the German national anthem at the Formula 1 event at the Hockenheimring.

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends, join us at Ruby Ella for that Spotlight Session and enjoy a unique and relaxed evening of music and maybe one or three skilfully shaken cocktails.

We can't wait to spend this evening with you. Just so you know, the ticket is just a reservation for your spot, the drinks will be charged on-site. And don't forget, Ruby is cashless.

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Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the magic of music.

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