Coco's (Hi)story

Stories of high fashion

Dusseldorf is known for its penchant for the exclusive. Located directly on Germany’s most famous shopping boulevard, Königsallee, the interior design of Ruby Coco reflects Dusseldorf as an international fashion hotspot. Königsallee, by locals lovingly called ‘Kö’, defines the city’s heartbeat. The magnificent promenade, with its many shops, cafés and restaurants, causes the rhythm of the city to climax in exaggerated self-expression. Unscripted performances are taking place simultaneously: The Kö functions as a stage, the people are actors and audience who populate the avenue. They fill the boulevard with an international flair.

The name ‘Ruby Coco‘ is inspired by the popular designer Coco Chanel, whose artistic work plays an important role in Dusseldorf’s high fashion scene. The hotel’s public areas reflect fashion as a process comprising the different stages of idea, sketch, material and runway. The fashion capital Paris greatly influenced Coco Chanel‘s life, which is why the design of the public spaces combine ‘Parisian chic’ with elements of the 20ies and 30ies.