Ruby Leni Bar & Café

Our Bar & Café is open for you 24/7. We serve a selection of delicious Italian snacks and great drinks. Be tempted by our freshly made piadina and focaccia or antipasti plates, and try our original Italian premium coffee, freshly prepared by our barista.

We love good drinks, which is why our barkeepers have some dangerously delicious drinks up their sleeves. They also regularly create seasonal specials for you - just ask our hosts for their current recommendation. Or try one of our carefully selected wines from Germany or Italy, made by winemakers, who know what they’re doing. 

Music, the location and our guests inspire us – which is why we not only adapted the hotel's design to local history & culture, but also created the right background beats, our very own Ruby RadioStream it online so that you can take our Ruby grooves everywhere you go. 

According to our philosophy, you won’t find a restaurant here. We emphasize character and patina and like to keep things lean and simple. For great recommendations of our favourite local restaurants, shops and attractions have a look at our Dusseldorf City Guide. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to aks our hosts. 

Start your day with a healthy Ruby breakfast. Check out what we have to offer here.

Please note, that due to high occupancy on weekends, we cannot guaranteebreakfast for external guests. 

We're operating cashless, so please pay by card.