Ruby lissi bar & café

Our Bar and Café is not only open all day and all night, it is also your stage, party-area and laid-back place to relax. We serve great drinks and Italian snacks, like cheese and salumi plates as well as freshly made focaccia and piadina.

Our barkeepers mix a variety of dangerously delicious drinks and are happy to serve you Italian aperitivi. Don’t hesitate and ask them for their personal recommendation and the current specials. We also offer wine from regional winemakers and our baristas serve some mean coffee, from the Italian premium brand Hausbrandt, our favourite kind.

We love good music, especially if it has character and grooves. Lean back and listen to our very own Ruby Radio tunes in the background. You can stream the station from anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere around you. Ruby Lissi’s historic structure and frontage which is still visible today dates back to the 18th century. The building’s time of origin is reflected in the interior of the hotel - everywhere you can find fine details, especially in relation to empress Elisabeth and her travelling activity during the middle and end of the 19th century.

Part of our Lean Luxury philosophy is not to have a big restaurant in the hotel. We prefer to keep it lean and simple, yet we put a lot of emphasis in soul and personality. If you are hungry for a big meal, take a look at our personal recommendations in our hand-curated Vienna City Guide or ask our hosts, they’ll be happy to tell you about their favourite places.

By the way, we're operating cashless, so please pay by card.