Marie's (Hi)story

From department store to hotel

A former department store turned into a hotel - the Stafa building is home to Ruby Marie, in the middle of the 7th district, the heart of Vienna's creative scene. The interior and design of the hotel reflects the history of the building.

The "Mariahilfer Zentralpalast" was opened 1911 as a department store. During the first World War, it was bought by the "Staatsangestellten-Fürsorgeanstalt" (Sta-Fa), hence the unusual nickname of the building "Stafa". 

During the 1920s, the Stafa became a shopping and cinema palace. During the years, the building was constantly renovated, modernized and its purpose changed. 

The Stafa got its modern facade in 2015 with a further renovation, emphasizing the relief structures of Anton Hanak. End of 2015 Ruby Marie moved in. The building was additionally awarded the LEED certificate, which concentrates on environmentally responsible building and efficient usage of resources.