Sofie's (Hi)story

The sound of the Sofiensäle

The Sofiensäle (and therefore also Ruby Sofie) got its name from Archduchess Sophie of Austria. Since 2013 the Sofiensäle is home to Ruby Sofie, who has incorporated many historic details of the location into its interior.

The Sofiensäle openend in 1838 as a bathhouse. Due to the outstanding acoustic, the location was also used for balls and concerts in the winter. Musicians and artists such as Johann Strauss, Franz Lizst, Falco, the Kinks amongst others, performed at the Sofiensäle, which turned into a popular event venue over the years.

2001 a fire severely damaged the Sofiensäle and it stayed empty for 10 years. Now, after an intense all-round renovation and restoring the original state, the location is home to Ruby Sofie.

The rich musical history plays an important part in the design of the hotel. Vintage furnishing and conscious mixture of style of the 150-year-old history, including memorabilia of concerts, balls and events. Stage curtains and stage spotlights in the public areas resemble the backstage area and remind the guest, that this used to be a concert venue.