Every Wednesday, 6:45 pm | Ruby Marie, Yoga Space

Yoga Session

There will be no Yoga Classes during the easter holidays from April 18th until April 28th. 

Restorative Yoga. A real treat for body and soul.

Are you suffering from back pain, sitting a lot or carrying a child around all day? Are you stressed out because you simply don’t have enough time or do you just need a short break to take a breath? Restorative Yoga is exactly what you need. It relaxes and rejuvenates your body by gentle, passive stretching. Unlike Yan Yoga (active Yoga), you hold various positions for longer intervals, allowing your muscles to relax in-depth. For 60-75 minutes, we’ll be taking care of your body and its regenerative needs. Give it a try. You’re going to love it. 

Treat yourself to a time-out in Vienna and sign-up for a semi-personal training in the lovely Yoga Space at Ruby Marie Hotel.

Restorative Yoga is suitable for everyone and will be instructed by a professional yoga coach. The sessions are tip-based for hotel guests (the money will be donated), but due to the lack of space the number of participants is limited. Please, bring your own mats for this session.

Please register for your desired session 48h in advance via mail to info@rebellu.com.