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Molly's Vintage Voyage

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Nestled in the heart of Dublin, Ruby Molly is not just a hotel; it's a journey through time. Situated on a plot originally part of St Mary’s Abbey, founded in 846, Ruby Molly stands where history and modernity intertwine. This area, once the hub of Dublin's growth and prosperity, now houses our newest gem, rich in cultural heritage and contemporary charm.

The story of Ruby Molly is deeply rooted in the evolution of its neighbourhood, Oxmanstown. Transforming from the grounds of a wealthy abbey to a bustling market area, this locale witnessed the rise of Dublin. The rediscovery of parts of the abbey's vault in the 1880s, 7 feet under the street, adds to the mystical allure surrounding our hotel.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant covered market of 1892, Ruby Molly encapsulates the spirit of Dublin's past. As Anna Lawlor, a former market trader, reminisces, the market was a lively intersection of city and country life. It was a place where farmers sold their fresh produce, including the much-coveted strawberries that adorned the tables of Dublin's finest hotels.

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At Ruby Molly, we aim to bring this rich history to life. The hotel's design reflects a blend of town and country, where rustic meets refined. Imagine a rustic farm table paired with velvet-upholstered vintage chairs, or a marble-topped bar faced in wicker - this is the essence of Ruby Molly. Our decor pays homage to the market's legacy, a tribute to the hardworking people who shaped Dublin's culinary and cultural scene.

We invite you to experience this unique blend of Dublin's past and present at Ruby Molly. Stay with us and immerse yourself in a world where the charm of the Irish countryside meets the sophistication of the city. Rediscover the story of Dublin, one stay at a time.

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