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Ruby secures second hotel in London

Ground floor


Before opening their first project in London by the end of this year, the Ruby Group and its founder and CEO Michael Struck have secured a second project in the British capital.

The new hotel, called Ruby Stella, will be located on Eyre Street Hill, an historic lane in up-and-coming Clerkenwell, which is known for its quirky mix of traditional pubs and lively bars. The area is also a favourite with foodies, with restaurants offering dishes from every corner of the globe and a thriving street food scene. Situated just 600 metres from Farringdon station, all the main sights and shopping streets are a short tube ride away, while the city’s ancient heart with its fascinating maze of alleyways and old-meets-new architecture is a half-hour stroll away.

The new build has 154 rooms and has been carefully designed to complement the historic facades of the surrounding buildings, with the addition of a few modern accents. The project has been realised in collaboration Geneva Management Group and UDevelopment.

By successfully securing a second project in London, the young hotel group has proven once more its ability to convince investors, even in the most competitive real estate markets. “Ruby not only sets itself apart with its novel product concept, along with construction and process innovations, we also deliver outstanding efficiency in terms of footprint and personnel,” explains Struck.

A lean form of luxury

Just like the group’s other properties, Ruby Stella will follow Ruby‘s Lean Luxury philosophy: top location, high-quality fittings, and outstanding design. All of this is offered at an affordable price by rigorously cutting out the superfluous and focusing on the essential.

“This works because we accommodate luxury in a relatively condensed space, similar to luxury yachts, and we forego unnecessary services. Thanks to proprietary technical innovations, we plan, build and organise ourselves differently from conventional hotels. To be precise, we plan and build in a very modular way and centralise as well as automate processes behind the scenes wherever possible. This helps us create a luxurious and unique hotel experience at an affordable price,” explains Struck. Every hotel is designed and developed individually, referencing local themes and stories.

Twelve more hotels under construction

Apart from the two projects in London, Ruby is opening twelve new hotels between now and 2022 with the support of renowned partners, for example in Zurich, Geneva, Helsinki, Frankfurt and Cologne as well as in Shanghai.

Press release (PDF)
Ruby Lilly Hotel Munich COSY Room 1

About Ruby Hotels

The Munich-based Ruby Group under the leadership of founder and CEO Michael Struck is breaking new ground with its Lean Luxury philosophy. With a lean organisational structure and concentration on the essentials, Ruby succeeds in creating a contemporary, affordable form of luxury for modern, cost and style-conscious customers. 

Founded in 2013, the Group already operates 18 Ruby hotels across Europe, with a further seven hotels under construction or in the planning phase. In addition, Ruby is expanding into China via a joint venture with Delonix, headed by Alex Zheng, one of China’s most accomplished hotel entrepreneurs. Ruby also offers Ruby Workspaces in Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Vienna, Stuttgart, and Malta – perfectly equipped workplaces and a creative atmosphere with access to an inspiring office community. 

Financially strong partners support Ruby’s expansion. ECE Group; the Austrian Soravia Group; Franger Investment, a German family office; Ocean Link, a private equity fund; the entrepreneur Michael Hehn; and Michael Struck jointly hold the company shares.