Explore | Ruby Ella
17 June 2022

Explore | Ruby Ella

Summer vibes are in town and there is much to do in Cologne throughout this time of the year. Sights, museums, theatres, events and of course the brewery culture should not be missed out on when in Cologne. Away from the well known highlights are some hidden paradisical corners where you get to explore a new side of Cologne or simply enjoy the view. That is absolutely part of the city’s attitude to life!

A lovely way to spend your summer days is by finding the little paradises all around Cologne. Even though Cologne is a first and foremost an urban experience, but if you know where to look, you can find those gorgeous green spots left and right to spend some relaxing hours in the sun. Some are obvious, and others come with a hidden gem status, but the whole collection of 11 little paradises in Cologne by Geheimtipp Köln is a fantastic inspiration to explore the city and hang out where the locals go. Find the whole selection here.

Exploring is an exhausting business, best start it with a healthy breakfast, some fresh OJ and barista coffee at Ruby Ella Hotel & Bar, after you had a full night’s rest. Find your room at Ruby Ella Hotel & Bar here.

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