3 February 2023

Ruby Ella | Grand Opening | 2022

Hit the lights, roll the cameras and strike up the band, because Ruby Ella is coming to you live from the Capitol in Cologne. 

Built on the site of the studio that once hosted Germany's most popular talk show s , Ella's roots are well and truly star-studded. The 1990s late-night boom saw The Harald Schmidt Show and TV Totally beamed live across Germany from this spot, featuring the biggest names from movies, music and comedy.



We finally got to celebrate Ruby Ella’s grandopening. We danced the night away with some scandalously good drinks from our glamorous late-night bar, yummy food, a funky 90s music performance by the incredible Emma Lanford, The Parakeets live on stage AND on the roof, and a fantastic DJ set by our darling DJ Simoné.

From polished chrome and neon signs to microphones and musical instruments, the bar harks back to those heady days, while plush fabrics and smooth curves recall the Capitol’s theatrical beginnings in the 1950s.

It was a world of wonder, filled with skilfully shaken cocktails, outstanding preformances, delightful crepes and salty popcorn. A star-studded line-up of fantastic people, from guests, to our musicians, partners to colleagues, a night to remember.

Thank you to our musicians, DJ, hosts, partners, bartenders and wonderful guests for making Ruby Ella's grand openig so special.

651, 649, 121, 120