Lunch Break in Düsseldorf

Craving a little bite while exploring Düsseldorf? Or relaxing over an extended lunch break? We've put together some of our favourite lunch spots for every occasion. 

Grindhouse Homemade Burgers

Grindhouse Homemade Burgers is a modern, unique and high-class Burger Restaurant concept located in the heart of Düsseldorf.

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Wilma Wunder

Wilma Wunder stands for freshness, regionality and creativity. The café/restaurant is in the middle of the city, just a few minutes walk from Coco and Leni.

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On the lookout for some delicious authentic Ramen? Then Takumi is the restaurant for you.

The small chain of restaurants has three small locations around the Immermannstraße in Düsseldorf - so there's a pretty good chance, that you can secure a seat and enjoy one of their homemade Ramen soups. All soups are prepared freshly at the restaurant and most of the ingredients are imported directly from Japan to guarantee you the most authentic experience.

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Naniwa Noodles & Soups

Since over 25 years this small, fine restaurant has been open in the middle of the Japanese quarter of Düsseldorf. And it almost seems as if people have waited a long time - literally speaking as it's not unusual for a queue to form in front of the entrance. But it's always worth it: The food is great and if you're lucky, you can even get a seat at the bar and watch the Japanese chefs at work.

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King Fusion

King-Fusion stands for the fusion of royal and modern, Vietnamese and Chinese, western and international, comfortable and decorative and last but not least cosy and elegant.

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Bob & Mary

Can't decide between a juicy burger and a fresh salad? Bob & Mary offers the best of both worlds - Bob's Patties are freshly made several times a day from high quality German beef. But if a burger is not up your alley - Mary's salads are prepared with only the freshest ingredients. The restaurant now has two locations in Dusseldorf: One in the city center and one at the harbour.

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Frittenwerk stands for exceptional French fries creations, an (environmentally) conscious eating culture and the love of fresh ingredients.

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At Fischhaus you can always enjoy freshly prepared seafood like oysters, matie, sea bream, plaice, Loup de Mer, turbot, pulpo, lobster and more, but also the classic fried fish in an uncomplicated, Mediterranean ambience with a Rhenish character. The restaurant itself is located in an historicly landmarked building, which makes every visit an unforgettable experience.

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The name "TÔ" stands for authentic Vietnamese streetfood, which is typically eaten on small red and blue plastic chairs beside the street in Vietnam. It is typical for streetfood to always be a bit loud, a bit chaotic and full of life. But it works out somehow and it always tastes delicious!

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Böser Chinese

Enjoy Far Eastern cuisine in the the heart of Dusseldorf in a unique and modern ambience. The Böser Chinese is a hotspot that combines tradition with delicious food and trendy interior. Drop by the restaurant and experience the diversity of the Far East in harmony with contemporary style - Either at their location in the Medienhafen or in Flurstraße.

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The Duchy

Experience all of Europes best food coupled with a tireless passion: The culinary team around chef Philipp Ferber serves a refined cuisine in brasserie style. No matter if you're in the mood for a relaxed dinner or a delicious cocktail and light snack at the Raw Bar, the Duchy can serve all your culinary needs.

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Il Mercato

Take it easy with delicious and easy cuisine in a marketstyle location at Il Mercato in Friedrichstraße.

Your food is prepared and served freshly within minutes and right in front of your eyes, as there is an open kitchen in the restaurant. Il Mercato is a really nice spot for a quick lunch or cosy dinner - and you can even enjoy home roasted coffee and special wines there.

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Green Affairs

It is the declared aim of Green Affairs to prove that salad can be so much more than just boring health food.

It doesn't matter if you're vegetarian, vegan or a meat lover, in the restaurant in Breite Straße there's something for everyone. Choose from a variety of curry or salad specialities, or simply create your own salad bowl to fit your taste.

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At Sattgrün, you can find food and drinks prepared out of offers fresh and plant based ingredients.

All of the dishes on their menu are vegan and on top of that free of genetically modified products. They're offering a broad variety of meals, such as salads, soups and more that are full of the natural taste of selected vegetables, fresh herbs and amazing meat alternatives.

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