14 August 2023

Dive into Frankfurt and Geneva's Best-Kept Secrets

Ready for a Euro escape that's cooler than winter? Buckle up as we uncover the underground stars of Europe: Frankfurt and Geneva.

These cities might be the underdogs of travel, but they pack a punch. With a dash of tradition and a sprinkle of modern pizzazz, they're destinations to jazz up your Instagram feed and expand your mind, all while resting your weary head at Ruby Hotels .

Frankfurt: Where Past and Future Collides

Frankfurt's not just about banks and business suits. Let's kick off this adventure at Römer Square, where medieval vibes rub shoulders with contemporary cool. Speaking of vibes, Kleinmarkthalle is a foodie's paradise. The air's practically a symphony of spices, fresh pastries, and the soul-soothing scent of roasted coffee.

Are you an art aficionado? Then the Städel Museum is a must, lined with canvases that hold centuries of stories. For skyscraper enthusiasts, Main Tower is your jam. Think beautiful city skyline, warm sunset, and all the sweetness you can handle.

Geneva: Chich, Serene, and Full of Surprises

Hop over to Geneva, and stroll the Old Town and get lost - trust us, you'll want to. It's like a fairytale maze, complete with charming cobblestones and window boxes that are basically floral fireworks. Ever seen water dance? The Jet d'Eau is a fountain splashing and twirling against the Swiss skyline.

Geneva is all about museums, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum is all about compassion and saving the day, while the Patek Philippe Museum is where time literally flies. When you need a breather, Parc des Bastions is your green oasis – chill vibes, cool shade, and a prime spot for people-watching.


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Frankfurt and Geneva – the dynamic duo of travel – are ready to paint your world with wonder. Thanks to Ruby, your journey is as stylish as it is comfortable, turning your Euro escapade into a kaleidoscope of unforgettable moments.