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After enjoying the sunset from our sky bar, there is still much time before falling asleep tired in one of Ruby Louise’s comfy beds. From Nightflow’s words, the city is known to be the financial centre of Germany, Frankfurt surprisingly well for a significant nightlife: in this city, indeed, were born several famous clubs and some of the best DJs world-famous Germans. The town is fantastic during the day with its essential attractions, including the Museum of modern art, the Main Tower and the Romerberg Square, even after sunset. In that case, Frankfurt can entertain even tempers more revellers with a wide choice of trendy bars and restaurants very well attended. The nightlife of Frankfurt could hardly be described in words only. Thanks to a prominent student population and a wide range of night entertainment spread throughout the city, the backpackers looking for a great night out rarely leave Frankfurt unsatisfied. Find the complete Frankfurt Guide here.

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