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Next, stop repeating some summer vibes that will take us back to Dusseldorf. Ruby Leni Hotel & Bar is our third hotel in town and is truly unique with her cultural heritage.

The spot where Ruby Leni now stands was originally home to another hotel. Stardom beckoned, though, and in 1910 the Dusseldorfer Operettenhaus set its stage on the site.

In 1951, the Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus moved in, quickly making its name one of Europe’s leading theatres. Leni takes her name from Helena in Gustav Gründgens’ ground-breaking production of Goethe’s Faust, which premiered at the Schauspielhaus in the 1950s before becoming a movie classic.

Stepping inside Leni feels like stepping onto the stage of your stage, turning into an epic while you are weaving your own story. To complete the setup, we’ve set the scene with antique props and costumes, sweeping lines, plush fabrics and carefully chosen vintage pieces.

Already having some dates blocked for your time in Dusseldorf, find a room at Ruby Leni Hotel & Bar here.

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