Every Wednesday Ruby Louise Hotel & Bar


Hello wine lovers.

Did you hear about the Taste the Grapes? Join us in raising a glass to our collaboration with III Freunde Weine. This recurring event is the perfect mix of delicious wines, live music, and delightful snacks. First off, the wine selection is out of this world. From bold reds to crisp whites, there was something for everyone to enjoy. And the best part? You got to taste them all! The knowledgeable staff from 3 Freunde Weine are always on hand to guide you through the different varieties, giving you a crash course in wine tasting. You and your friends will feel like true connoisseurs by the end of the night. It isn’t just about the wine; the atmosphere will be buzzing with live music performances adding so much charm to the lively vibe of the evening. Sip your glass while tapping our feet to the beat, it’s the perfect opportunity to let our hair down and unwind after a long week. Overall, it is an event of day drinking at its best. You will leave merry, full, and with a newfound appreciation for the world of wine. So, if you missed out on Taste the Grapes, don't worry.

Catch the next event on Friday 2nd of June from 17:00 in Ruby Louise Hotel & Bar Frankfurt

Don't miss out on the next Taste the Grapes event by Ruby and III Freunde Weine. If you're a wine lover, this is an event you simply cannot miss. And the best part? You can get your ticket for free! So what are you waiting for? Get your free ticket now and get ready to taste the grapes. Here's to many more in the future. Cheers!