25 January 2021

Geneva's hidden gems

Geneva is full of great places to discover. To point you into the right direction, our Hotel Manager shares three of his best recommendations with us. So, if you are looking for a Genevan night out, you should check out one of these following places.

The first hot recommendation from our local Ruby colleagues is Chez Calvin: 14 minutes walking from Ruby Claire Hotel & Bar is a great spot to enjoy dinner before you start into an eventful night. The first thing you will realize about Chez Calvin is that the beautiful interior components such as a large copper-plated counter, the high ceiling, warm lights, and stone walls create an intriguing atmosphere. The former town hall building is elegant and dynamic with its festive elements and functional design. The chefs and their cuisine are somewhat unique in Geneva and worth visiting when you are around.

Another great tipp from our colleagues at Ruby Claire is the Maison Hobo: 12 minutes walking from Ruby Claire Hotel & Bar, you will find the Japanese fusion restaurant and lounge enriched with a modern Asian décor. You can enjoy cocktails and champagne in an intimate atmosphere, and if you desire a culinary, a selection of meat, fish, and vegetables will gently satisfy your hunger. The real highlight of this place is its club, which regularly has international DJs playing great tunes until the early morning hours. Maison Hobo attracts people who wish to enjoy, share good times, and dance into the night. 

The last hint points at a culinary institution in Geneva called L'esquisse: 12 minutes from Ruby Claire Hotel & Bar, located centrally in the Eaux-Vives neighborhood, is just a block away from Lac Leman and the famous Jet d'Eau. L'esquisse has been the restaurant of choice to Genevans for many years. The place keeps surprising visitors with its festive character, especially with the majestic "Parisian" bar dating from the 40's, which has been carefully restored and is now ready for the next adventure. The chefs serve delicious dishes and use their exquisite grill to the fullest, be it for meat, fish, shellfish, or whole vegetables.

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