Favourite Reading Spots in Hamburg

We are bookworms through and through and have therefore teamed up with Enja Jans from the MOKA Magazin to introduce you to our favourite spots for reading in the Hanseatic city. MOKA is a beautiful print magazin that is dedicated to books of all subjects and published three times a year. MOKA ist available either at their online shop as well as a supplement in the magazine „flow” in selected parts of Germany. 

So whatever the weather or the season, here you will find an ideal spot where you can sit down with your favourite book and forget about time. 


The Lesesaal is our favourite bookstore in Hamburg and is conveniently located directly opposite our Ruby Lotti Hotel. No matter if you just want to browse a bit or if you prefer to sit down straight down to read, don't forget to pay this shop a visit.

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Café Leonar

With a large latte and a newspaper on the small terrace in the morning sun - for Enja from MOKA magazin there couldn't be a better start to the day.

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Longing for the sea? Then the beach pearl is a real alternative. With an extended breakfast, the feet in the warm sand, it reads best. Unfortunately closed in winter, but the anticipation of the opening in spring is even greater.

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Sautter und Lackmann

Here you switch your mobile phone to mute, wander along the long shelves and immerse yourself in one of the new books on architecture or art - accompanied by the quiet hum of the ships.

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With picnic bag, blanket and book you can forget everything around you on the Alster meadows.

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