2 June 2020

5 things to do in Hamburg right now

Hamburg simply fascinates us with its mix of classsical maritim flair, urban spirit and the trendy and diverse neighborhoods. Although many of the institutions that help give life to a city, such as theatres, clubs or bars are currently closed, there are still countless unique things that make a stay in Hamburg so worthwhile and perfect for a weekend getaway.

1. All-day-breakfast in the sun

Start your day with a cosy breakfast picnic. Simply take your Ruby Breakfast Box to any park of your liking (like the Lindenpark or the Jenischpark) and enjoy a nice meal in the sun.

And if you're not really a picnic person, how about a breakfast with a direct view of the Elbe instead? We recommend giving Strandperle a try for delicious food with an amazing view of the river at any time of the day. 

2. Learn more about the universe

In the mood for something completely different? Then how about visiting Hamburgs Planetarium and learning everything about the solar system and stars in one of their shows. Starting from the 1st of July, the Planetarium will be playing it's usual shows and welcoming visitors again.

3. Easy Rider

There's no better way to explore a city with all its corners than by bike. Grab one of our Ruby bikes and start discovering the city centre, admire the luxurious buildings around the Außenalster or even take the train to Himmelspforten and start your bike tour along the coast. 

4. Re-discover the museum classics

Luckily, Hamburg has a huge selection of museums and art-galleries to choose from. While the Kunsthalle and the Jenisch Haus (which has an amazing park right next to it) offer a broad selection reaching from traditional to modern art, museums like the Miniatur Wunderland or one of the many changing exhibitions in Hamburgs Deichtorhallen offer a totally different experience - so it's definetly safe to say there's an option for every preference. 

5. Get lost on your stroll

Going for a stroll doesn't sound like a very innovative recommendation, but it is truly our favourite thing to do on a day off in Hamburg. Whether it's the classic Speicherstadt + Harbour tour with a little Fischbrötchen break or a walk up the Elbberg to enjoy the view - there are countless options to get lost and discover new corners in this amazing city. 

Our hotel Ruby Lotti right in Hamburg's city centre has re-opened its doors - and oh how good it felt to welcome back our first guests!

We've implemented strict safety measures on-site  to make sure you're staying happy and healthy during your stay with us and a new member rate with free cancellation to help you stay flexible. We can't wait to see you around.