Best Drink Spots

There is hardly another city where there are so many bars and pubs. However, this is not only due to the size of London but mainly to the pub culture of the Londoners. As soon as the working day is over, the locals go directly from work to the next pub and drink a beer. No matter if they are still in their suits or not. Usually there is no waitress, the beer is fetched at the bar and has to be drunk standing up. But beside such pubs that should be visited in any case once, we have also gathered here our favourite cosy bars in which one is served and can sit. 


Lyaness is one of the latest endeavours from the
award-winning Mr Lyan and team, and voted as one of the top 50 World’s Best Bars.

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Vaulty Towers

If you're visiting our London hotel Ruby Lucy, you can't help but notice the colourful bar right across the street and we couldn't wish for a better neighbour.

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Cahoots Underground

Cahoots is a 1940s-themed bar located in the heart of London’s Soho. Set inside an abandoned train station, the scoundrels of this Kingly Court speakeasy serve up spiffing cocktails, jolly-good rations and live swinging entertainment seven days a week.

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Vinegar Yard

Vinegar Yard may not be the name that makes you think directly of a good bar, but this is one. They serve cold draught beer, rotating taps from local London craft breweries, and a wide range of wines, spirits and cocktails. And in good weather, there's even a lovely terrace.

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Bar Elba

Bar Elba is definitely a favourite among London bars. And best of all, it is very close to Ruby Lucy, in Waterloo. And the second best: Bar Elba has an indoor area, but also a roof terrace, which is also open in winter and spreads Christmas spirit. But also in summertime the terrace is worth a visit.

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Ice Bar

A -5°C experience in the heart of London. They have ice and a bar and mix both of them together to create an outstanding experience. No two ICE BAR London themes are ever the same, and their crack team of ice artists, designers and mixologists create an entirely new concept every year.

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