25 June 2020

The best city escapes around Munich

While we absolutely adore a big city's flair and buisiness, sometimes we're just not in the mood to throw ourself into the hustle and bustle. If you're feeling the same, check out our favourite daytrips into the beautiful nature surrounding Munich - and they're all reachable by train, so there's nothing stopping you from getting your city escape.


How does taking a refreshing swim in the Hopfensee with an amazing view of castle Neuschwanstein sound to you? Good? Then you just have to take a train from Munich central station to Hopfen and nothing will be stopping you from experiencing the beautiful panorama and pleasantly warm water. And if you're feeling a bit more sportive that day, it is also possible to rent a pedal boat and ride it around the lake to make the most of your visit. 


Starting Point: Munich Central Station 
Duration to go to Hopfen by train: around 3 hours
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Feeling really active? Then we recommend doing this amazing bike tour around one of Munichs most beautiful lakes. Come prepared though, as the tour is around 50 kilometers - but it's definitely worth it! It's best to start at the Starnberg railway station, then bike along the east shore, enjoy the sun on your way and after about an hour or so, you can slowly go back north again after enjoying the view at the south bank. A few bonus "goodies" you can find at the lake are for example the Bernrieder Park or the Possenhofen castle in Tutzing. 

The lake is really easy to reach with the S-Bahn and you can bring your bike in there as well!


Starting Point: Starnberg railway station
Duration: around 3 hours
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In case you have a bit more time on your hands, you can always hop onto a train in Munichs main station and drive around two hours to Füssen. If you want to skip all the tourist shuttle busses and lines, but still want to see Neuschwanstein - this is the route for you! Just take the "Drei-schlösser-weg" which literally means the three castle route and you get to see not only Neuschwanstein, but also Hohenschwangau Castle and the High Castle in Füssen. 


Starting Point: Füssen Railwaystation (2 hours from Munich central station)
Duration: 5 hours
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Lakes are not your thing and you're more of a mountain lover? Then this is the daytrip for you: The Wendelstein is really well known and loved by a lot of people - and understandably so! This mountain really has it all: despite the nice wander route, there's also a observation deck and even a church on top of it, or you can also explore the observatory or the cave. 

Another things that's also great is, that you can either climb it completely from the bottom, or to make it easier and less exhausting there's always the option to take the cable car up to the middle of the mountain and start your adventure there!


Starting Point: Wendelstein bottom station ( 2 hours from Munich central Station)
Duration: around 2 hours or as long as you want
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And lastly another classic and really well known destination: the Tegernsee. You can either go there completely with the S-Bahn or take your bike and hop out at Holzkirchen to bike the last 50 kilometers of your way. At the Tegernsee itself, the wonderful water, amazing view and good food are just waiting for you to enjoy them!


Starting Point: Holzkirchen (or the Tegernsee directly - depends on how active you're feeling) - around half an hour from Munich central station
Duration: 3 hours
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