26 February 202018:00 — 19:30 Ruby Lilly

ShakeNight - Cosmopolitan

ShakeNight is a mixture of after-work event and cocktail course, which takes place at our Ruby Lilly. 

At ShakeNight you learn to mix a Cosmopolitan under the guidance of top bartenders. And even better: You learn to twist it the way you like it best!

Even as a beginner you will have a lot of fun, we promise. No matter if you are just learning to shake, just want to have a great experience or want to discover our Ruby Lilly Bar: At a ShakeNight everybody will find what he is looking for.

Of course you don't need any previous knowledge or material. Shaker, mixing glass, alcohol, etc. and many tips and tricks we have on site. 

And if you'd rather learn to make a different cocktail, just drop by at one of the other ShakeNights that take place at Ruby Lilly.