14 August 2019

How to Oktoberfest right

We’re already counting the days for one of our annual highlights in Munich – Oktoberfest. For those of you who are joining us for the first time at this crazy time, we’ve put together some tips on how to Oktoberfest right.

#1 Breakfast is king

Make sure that you start your day with a proper breakfast. Ruby Lilly offers a healthy kick-off for your Wiesn adventures with cereals as well as traditional Weisswurst and pretzels, but we can understand those who want to have the full Oktoberfest dosis. In that case we recommend Café Kaiserschmarrn or Bodos Kaffeezelt.

#2 Choose the right timing

Plan the perfect time for your visit. On the weekend, the tents will be packed very soon and unless you have a reservation or lots of luck, it’s almost impossible to get into a tent. We recommend you to visit the Oktoberfest from Monday until Friday from 11 am on. It’s way more relaxed and you will find space in one of the tents.

#3 Dress to impress

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but of course it adds a little extra to your Oktoberfest feeling if you dress up like the locals do with Dirndl and Lederhosen. But keep in mind it is a traditional thing, not carnival. Ludwig & Therese offer a nice selection of outfits that keep up the right mix between classic cuts and modern elements.

© Ludwig & Therese

#4 Pack light

Leave your bags at home. Due to security reasons, bags with a capacity larger than 3 litres (that is almost every backpack) will not be allowed to be taken to Oktoberfest. The security staff is controlling all entrances and won’t make any exceptions. There’s also no need to bring anything but the essentials like jacket, phone and wallet.

#5 Choose the right tent

Choose the right tent: Augustiner Festhalle has a capacity of 9388 seats, which makes it the biggest tent. They are the only ones left that serve Beer from oak casks. The Hacker Festzelt is the most beautiful one, called “Bavarian Heaven” with outstanding paintings, a moveable roof and a turning orchestra stand. The Weinzelt is the smallest with 2500 seats, they don’t serve beer, but wine and are open until 1:00.

#6 Travel in time

For a rather quiet Wiesn experience we recommend the Oide Wiesn, a very traditional approach to the times, when this festivity was not a globally renowned event. Here you’ll find vintage carrousels, dance performances and traditional music. To us, the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon and, between us, also the best place to take pictures.

#7 Bring enough cash

We live in credit card times, but make sure you carry enough cash with you. And if you think you’ve packed enough cash, add another 20-40% extra – trust us, Oktoberfest is quite expensive and you don’t want to miss anything. Also remember to tip your waiter or waitress properly. Your next Mass will find the way to you way faster.


#8 Enjoy the view

Sometimes it feels good to get away from the buzzing crowd for a bit. Oktoberfest from above is quite impressive, so we recommend you to take a little break in between and enjoy the view. The best view over Theresienwiese would be from the Verkehrsmuseum or the huge ferris wheel aka the most used selfie background at the Oktoberfest.

#9 Know when to leave

Sure, you made yourself comfortable with a few beer, became friends with your table-mates and love the atmosphere so much, so you don’t even think about leaving. But make sure to leave the Wiesn early. The tents stop their service anyway at 22:30 and they close 23:30. And honestly, getting a cab then or trying to board the underground is simply impossible.

#10 Don’t stop the party

If you still want to go on there is always an After Wiesn-Party. The best one is in walking distance, right opposite of Ruby Lilly, at the Löwenbräukeller you find the Wiesnzelt. The party there continues all night with different DJs on 3 floors.

Oktoberfest really is a great time to experience the hospitality and diversity of Munich at its best and we can’t wait to show you all of it. If you have any further questions, our hosts are happy to help.

There are still a few rooms left at Ruby Lilly for this year’s Oktoberfest – so better be quick and book your stay with us now.