22 August 2018

Oktoberfest Dos & Don'ts

We can't wait for Oktoberfest to begin shortly - people from all over the world come together in Munich to liven up Bavarian traditions. To make sure you make the most of your stay with us during this crazy time, we've put together some Oktoberfest Do's and Don'ts.


Start your day right

Before you enter one of the tents and start ordering your first 'Mass' (1L beer) way before lunch time, we recommend you to have a extended breakfast. Our locally inspired, organic breakfast at Ruby Lilly Bar with traditional white sausages and pretzels gets you in the right mood and is the ideal basis for a day of partying.

Wear a Dirndl/ Lederhose

Traditional Bavarian clothing found its way back into fashion some years ago. Nowadays, you'll find lots of boutiques and designers who created their own Dirndl collection and spice up the traditional shapes with modern colors and fabrics. Our favourite shops, close to our hotel:

Dirndl Liebe
Brienner Str. 54 | 80333 München
Beautiful Designer pieces, each of them handmade and unique. The perfect souvenir from your trip to Munich.

Ludwig Beck
Marienplatz 11 | 80331 München
Latest Dirndl and Lederhosen collections from various brands for every budget. Here you'll find everything from dresses, shoes to accessoires. The shop assistants are more than happy to help you finding the right outfit.

Go for a stroll

Once you've dived into the micro-cosmos called Bierzelt, there's a chance you forget everything around you - latest after ordering your second Mass. But the Oktoberfest areal has so much more to offer. Go for a stroll and have a look at all the crazy showmen and carousels. Show your skills on the Teufelsrad (Devil's Wheel), go for a spin on the traditional swing carousel and buy your lovey a gingerbread heart. Our personal favourite attraction: The Toboggan. To get on top of the slide, people have to stand on a conveyor which can be a bit tricky after some beer and is hilarious to watch.

Bring enough cash

It's no secret that Munich and especially the Oktoberfest is expensive. You can't pay with credit card, so keep in mind to bring enough cash - not only for beer (€ 12 incl. tips) but also for a taxi back to the hotel.



Buy a 'funny' hat

No matter what your friends or your beer-influenced mind tells you- this ugly Hendl-hat or any other "fun" accessoire basically just shows you're a tourist who spent way too much money for a cheesy souvenir. Our favourite souvenirs are the clothespins where you can engrave your name or the one of your loved ones - cute and a bit more subtle.

Dance on the table

As soon as the band plays the first tunes, everyone in the tent gets up on the benches to dance. But no matter how much you enjoy the music, never step onto the table as this is forbidden and security will kick you out of the tent really quick. Also, when you dance in the hallways, always make space for the waitresses.

Be rude

Everybody visits Oktoberfest for the same reason - to have a good time with friends, family and new people. So there's no need to be rude, get aggressive or start a brawl, even though it can get very busy sometime or someone looses his manners after he had a little too much beer. Look out for each other and enjoy this vibrant, crazy atmosphere together.


We're so looking forward to two unforgettable weeks and hope you have a great time with us in Munich. If you have further questions, our hosts are happy to help.