10 June 2020

5 things to do in Vienna right now

How could you not want to visit Vienna? Walking through the small and winded streets and looking at the shop windows, taking part in the cities coffee house culture and exploring its many hidden corners and cultural gems. But as there are still some restrictions due to the actual circumstances, some of the things we usually love to do aren't possible. Lucky for you we curated a list of our five favourite things to do in Vienna right now - so there's nothing stoping you from spending a lovely holiday in Austrias capital.


Visit one of Viennas beautiful castles like Schönbrunn or Belvedere, wander around the impressive gardens, look at the former habitants clothes and other historic artifacts or take a peak inside the amazingly constructed rooms. After all, a day spent in between baroque architecture and dreamy greenery is a good day and sure to make you feel like you belong in the 18th century. 


Vienna has a truly amazing offer of art and history museums - like the Albertina or the art history museum that are home to famous paintings by Dürer, Rubens or even Michelangelo. The builidings and exhibitions are huge, which makes them the perfect pick for a visit - especially in bad weather! And if you're more into modern art rather than classic, you should deginitely give the Hundertwasser museum a try.

Both museums are open to the public again, but you should check out their websites before visiting and take a look at their safety measures to ensure you're keeping yourself and other people healthy. 


If you're missing our weekly Aperitivo event as much as we do, you can go to Viennas Copa Beach and get yourself a nice, cool cocktail at Lido Aperol to enjoy while sitting at the beach. They also offer a great variety of other cafés, bars and restaurants - but you shoud definitely check out their website before visiting and take a look at what's openend on the specific day you're planning to come.


Miss visiting to the amusement park? The Viennese Prater is a great option - exisiting since 1827 it is famous for its historic ferris wheel, but since then a lot of attractions - like rollercoasters and carousels -  have joined it. The Prater's not only suitable for adrenalin junkies, but also foodies should enjoy their stay here, as there is a great selection of culinary specialities including the well known viennese "Schweinestelze" or the "Lángos". 


If you love to spend some time in the green, but don't want to go and relax in a park, we suggest visiting the butterfly house located in Viennas palm house. Not only the butterflies are beautiful to look at, but also the amazing glas house built in art nouveau style. And it sure sounds great to walk through the miniature rainforest along the waterfall, small bridges and ponds. 

Our hotel Ruby Lissi has already re-opened it's doors - and oh how good it felt to welcome back our first guests!

We've implemented strict safety measures on-site  to make sure you're staying happy and healthy during your stay with us and a new member rate with free cancellation to help you stay flexible. We can't wait to see you around.