22 January 2020

Swing out with IG Hop

Two weeks to go until we kick out all our furniture at Ruby Lissi Bar to turn this space into a buzzing dancefloor with Bring the Swing. The next edition of this well-known event series will be a very special one: 

We're welcoming two amazing Lindy Hop dancers from the USA: Samantha Nguyen & Blake Thiessen. They will stay in Vienna for a two-month residency in the context of the Dancers In Residence Program by our friends IG HOP.

IG Hop is an interest-group (“IG”) of dancers, artists and cultural professionals who share a passion for Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz and want to create a contemporary and lively framework for the development of these art forms.

Lindy Hop is for everyone

Aiming to bring a little more Lindy Hop into everyone's life, IG Hop organizes courses, projects and events and cooperates with local and international dancers and artists for workshops and artist residencies, all of which are dedicated to the topic of Authentic Jazz Culture.

The thing we love most about the Lindy Hop movement is its open and diverse culture, detached from any gender roles, skill levels or nationality. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, check out our 'Bring the Swing' article

© Gregor Hofbauer
© Gregor Hofbauer

The Dancers In Residence-Programm (DIR#) - which is the reason for our two amazing Lindy Hop dancers to take the journey from the USA to Austria - is a programm that invites interesting artists from the field of Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz Dance to come to Vienna for a two-month stay.

During that stay they share their knowledge, expertise and ideas while working on their own artistic development and diving into the local dance community. 

Bring the Swing - 8 Feburary at Ruby Lissi

One stop on the agenda during their residency is our next Bring the Swing event and we are more than happy to welcome them. So step by on 8 Feburary, enjoy the evening and dance to the fabulous swing band The Hot Brew Band


More info on IG Hop: