7 November 2022

Ruby Ella's story

3, 2, 1 and we are live - for ages, popular talk shows were hosted on the grounds of Ruby Ella in Cologne. But after being around for a year, it's now time for her to be the show's star.

Hit the lights , roll the cameras and strike up the band.


Last week we celebrated Ella's big debut at our official opening party.
We danced the night away with some scandalously good drinks from our glamorous late-night bar, yummy food, a funky 90s music performance, and a fantastic DJ set.


We're bringing back the 90s late-night TV buzz. From polished chrome and neon signs to microphones and musical instruments, the bar harks back to those heady days, while plush fabrics and smooth curves recall the Capitol's theatrical beginnings in the 1950s

Upstairs, each room reflects our unique Lean Luxury style, with a big, comfy bed, a rainfall shower and soft, fluffy towels. While wood paneling and floors add natural texture , metallic accents and a moonlit skyline nod to the city by night. And, instead of a house band to play you in, there's a Marshall amp to add oomph to your playlist.

We can't wait to see you soon. 

649, 121, 120