20 March 2018

5 Years of Ruby - The Ruby Story

Happy Birthday Ruby

Ruby turned 5 in February - perfect time to look back on how things started and on everything that has happened in the Rubyverse so far.

Like all good stories, the Ruby story starts simple and unexpected. The first plans to revolutionize the hotel industry with a new Lean Luxury philosophy were hatched over a kitchen table. Ruby founder and CEO Michael Patrick Struck always wondered why luxury hotels have to be so complicated. And why pay for so many things you won't use anyway? He soon gathered a small group of like-minded people and started to create a hotel concept different than any existing luxury hotel. Ruby is not just the name of the group, but also symbolically represents a self-confident, clever and charming woman, who travelled a lot and knows exactly what she wants and what not - just like our guests.


Start-Up Vibes

We don't want to dig up the typical start-up cliche, but: The first steps of Ruby were literally planned and executed in a garage, turned into the improvised Ruby headquarter. After more than a year of planning, our first hotel Ruby Sofie opened its doors in May 2014 in Vienna with 77 rooms. The positive feedback of our guests was amazing and motivated us to keep on improving and further developing our brand.


Ruby is Growing Fast

Ruby Sofie soon got sisters: Ruby Marie in 2015 in Vienna, Ruby Lilly in 2017 in Munich and Ruby Lissi in 2017 in Vienna. But what makes the company so interesting, is the structure and automatization behind-the-scenes. Following the Lean Luxury philosophy, all processes like Finance, Marketing, HR, Reservation, Interior and Development are centralized in the headquarter and work closely together, in addition to using new technologies and digitalizationto ease the guest experience.

In 2017, we additionally launched our second product lineRuby Works in Munich and one year later also in Hamburg, in an joint venture with Serviceplan. We transferred the idea of leaving away the unnecessary and focusing on the imporant elements from our hotels to boutique shared offices and co-working areas and thus developed workspaces, that are so much more than just an office. They are tailored to the different needs of modern and creative people, with spaces to work intensively on your ownand others to get creative or to connect with like-minded people. The whole headquarter moved to our Ruby Leo Workspaces in Munich and since then we enjoy the vibrant inspiring atmosphere every day along with several companies who rented out one or the other office.

5 Years - 5 Hotels

In spring our fifth hotel Ruby Coco will open its doors in Dusseldorf. Click here to see pictures of our brand-new Ruby Hotel and to make sure to be one of the first to sleep in our super-comfy beds there. There are nine more hotels to come - we just announced our first hotel in Cologne - and a bunch of other projects in planning.

In 5 years, our team did not only grow to more than 130 people, but also turned into a Ruby Family. We all share the same vision and want to spread the Lean Luxury philosophy. This week, we celebrated our birthday with a nice get together with several partners and friends who supported Ruby along the way. Check out pictures of the birthday party here.

We're so thankful for everything that has happened so far and can't wait to share some more exciting news from the Rubyverse with you soon. Stay tuned ;)

Photo credits: Thomas Kiewning / www.bkmediasolutions.de