27 May 2020

A London Workation - Ruby Lucy Opening Taskforce

Of course, a hotel opening in a new city is always very exciting for the whole Ruby team. There's so much to be organised, researched and checked before we can welcome our first guests. 

To implement all the processes within the new team, we always love to send some of our hosts from our other hotels, who are already experienced working in a lean luxury hotel, to support the new team during the opening for a few weeks. That's why some of our lovely team members traveled to London in January as part of the Ruby Lucy taskforce. Now they're sharing their experiences during this exciting time.

Getting to know the team

First up is Mia, who usually works as a host at Ruby Coco in Dusseldorf and showed you how to mix the perfect Moscow Mule and infused Gin Mule on our Instagram. And as you probably saw, she's really good at what she's doing, so that's why she was invited to join the task force for the Ruby Lucy opening in London - a offer that she happily accepted. She shared this lovely text with us:

"On the last day of December our new family member Ruby Lucy opened in London and during my task force mission in February the big opening party (2 days in a row!) happened. Of course with the party going on, I was even more excited, especially how the team will manage this big thing happening and still taking care of the task force members.

Naturally everything was very busy when I arrived on Sunday, but everyone I met gave me a warm welcome and it was very easy to feel at home right from the start.

My first full day in London was my day off, so I had a lot of time to get around the city and also to get to know the team a bit more. I spent the afternoon at the bar to see how they work and to prepare myself a bit for my first "real" day on Tuesday. In the evening we went to a pub with some colleagues from London and also Germany and had a really great time together - it was so nice getting to know everyone better and hearing their stories, since we've all been working in different positions, from different hotels or the head office.

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Learning a lot - mostly about yourself

My first work day started with a little surprise when I found out that my colleague, who should’ve worked the early shift with me, got sick, so I was quite nervous, how my first early shift (incl. breakfast) in an "unknown" hotel would be, especially when I'm by myself. But I was very happy to have a very nice colleague working the nightshift, who stayed longer and showed the most important things to me and everything turned out fine.

Directly after breakfast was finished, everybody started preparing for the first big opening party and it got really busy, but everyone was so lovely and so thoughtful, so it was really fun to keep moving and work together as one big team. The days after the first party went a lot smoother, as I had a wonderful colleague working together with me and also I found my way around more easily. 

If I should pick a moment as my personal highlight during the whole experience, it would be when we had the second opening party and the whole team was on the dance floor, celebrating Ruby's birthday - it was very empowering.

I am so happy that I chose to be part of the task force as I got to know really great people and also learned a lot about myself

I would really recommend everyone to take this opportunity in the future - it's not only to help out and teach a new team, you also get a lot of inspiration for the hotel that you are working in and you're really getting into the Ruby spirit.


Experimenting with new processes

Not only Mia, but also some more of our hosts got the opportunity to take part in the big opening in London – including David, one of our talented bartenders at Ruby Lotti in Hamburg. He worked the nightshift during his stay and also shared his favourite drink recipes with you in one of the Aperitivo Sessions.  And exactly like Mia, he only had good things to say:

“I had a great time working there, because there were so many different Drinks to mix for the guests and there was only cashless-payment in the hotel – which is really handy” (We feel the same way, that's why we now upgraded all of our hotels to fit that standard!)

“Also the Hotel is located in the middle of the city and especially the lobby and the public areas are really cozy and beautiful.”

Join team Ruby

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