18 November 2020

#betterfriday Introducing Bellevue di Monaco

If you’re from Munich, you may have already heard about the Café Bellevue di Monaco or even visited it yourself. Located in the heart of Munich, it’s a true local favorite to meet up with some friends for a chat, grab a quick and nutritious lunch or just go and hang out for a while. And the best thing: You’re supporting a good cause with your visit!


That’s because the café isn’t just a regular café. It acts as a gateway to the city and hiding behind it is a whole organization focused on helping immigrants and refugees integrate into the city and work life in a safe environment. Bellevue di Monaco is first and foremost a residential and cultural center for refugees as well as Munich citizens. The organization runs three buildings: One that offers apartments for up to four young adults per flat and accompanies them to an independent life, a second one that’s build for families, as well as single mothers with their children, and lastly the café we all know and love.

The place is run and organized together with the refugees and immigrants and has come to be a location where people from all different backgrounds can casually meet and get to know each other. It’s not only a meeting place for the residents of the two buildings, but also for neighbors and people from surrounding offices who want to go for a quick lunchbreak.

The café is also really progressive in terms of their pricing: customers can pay according to their financial means (a system called social price range) and water and tea are free for everyone. This fact makes it incredibly easy to access for people with a lower income.


But Bellevue di Monaco’s work doesn’t stop there: they also established a broad program of German language courses, social gatherings and consultations hours for different topics ranging from general migration issues to employment and more. There are sports courses, a sewing studio, intensive homework support, a bike repair station and more – all offers mostly run by volunteers.

They’re also offering a diverse cultural program from panel discussion on different and important topics to films from and about their guests’ countries, theatre plays and concerts that represent countries all over the world.

Bellevue di Monaco’s main goal is to help improving the job situation for immigrants and create new jobs according to their initiative “Lass mas halt arbeiten”. With their work they are bringing many legal obstacles into the spotlight that refugees are facing on their way to work permits.

In order to help, they brought together an alliance of around 130 Bavarian companies and employers, as well as creating jobs themselves in their café and in corporation with an upcycling fashion project.

The organization consists of more than 700 members including refugee supporters, social workers, political activists and artists as well as politicians, lawyers, managers and even corporations. They’re all united by the belief that a better treatment of refugees will benefit everyone in the end – Isolation has no future. Bellevue di Monaco wants to provide the space for this and be a forum for debates in which issues like exclusion, immigration, extremism and populism can be discussed.


The newest project of Bellevue di Monaco is to open the first rooftop sports court in Munich. In the inner city, free sport courts are rare even though they’re urgently needed – especially during Covid 19. That’s why they’ve put one on top of their building, which will be accessible to everyone and is financed 100% by donations and sponsorships.

With our donation we’re hoping to help Bellevue di Monaco in continuing to be a place for diversity and intercultural understanding in the heart of Munich.


This year has been very challenging for everyone. So we’ve decided to skip our usual Black Friday and join the #betterfriday movement this year: Let’s discuss travel plans and discounts at another time, right now we’d like to use our reach to create a stage for charity projects that support cultural diversity and inclusion in all our Ruby destinations.

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