18 November 2020

#betterfriday Introducing Regenbogenstiftung Hamburg

Even though the common knowledge around AIDS and HIV has improved since the 1980, it still remains a huge challenge for the affected persons. Not only physically but also socially, as a non-discriminatory coexistence in the diversity of different lifestyles is still not given everywhere.


The Hamburg “Regenbogenstiftung” was founded in 2014 as part of the AIDS Help Hamburg e.V. with the focus to help improving the living conditions of those suffering from HIV and AIDS. Many need special support due to their illness and the Regenbogenstiftung wants to help them in leading a life as normal and enjoyable as possible – no matter their conditions. The goal is to give them a life in an environment free of discrimination and stigmatization.

© Regenbogenstiftung Hamburg
© Regenbogenstiftung Hamburg


Living with HIV and AIDS brings an immense amount of worries, insecurities and problems – and all of them require professional support in most cases. That’s where the AIDS Help Hamburg comes into play: Founded in 1984 as one of the first of its kind in Hamburg, it is a reliable partner for prevention and health related self help. It offers valuable and reliable help in all questions concerning AIDS and HIV. Their work is characterized by passion and empowerment, solidarity, neighborhood solidarity and professional help as well as support for self-help.

But it doesn’t stop there – they’re also offering a variety of information and support programs, ranging from advice on how to balance HIV with your work-life to working with young people and health-work with and for migrants, who otherwise may not get the help they would need.

The AIDS Help Hamburg is an important social service provider in Hamburg consisting of 17 part-time employees and around 130 volunteers.

The work of the AIDS-Help Hamburg e. V. is financed to a very large extent by so-called "free funds" which means mainly by donations. The Hamburg Rainbow Foundation is doing its part as a support foundation - reliable and credible.



This year has been very challenging for everyone. So we’ve decided to skip our usual Black Friday and join the #betterfriday movement this year: Let’s discuss travel plans and discounts at another time, right now we’d like to use our reach to create a stage for charity projects that support cultural diversity and inclusion in all our Ruby destinations.

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