23 November 2020

#betterfriday Introducing WUK

WUK stands for “Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus” which roughly translates to “House for Workshops and Culture”. It is a place for studying and learning new things, for participation and sharing. One of their main goals is to create space for creativity – that’s why the WUK aims to be a laboratory for trying something new as well as a place for practicing things you already love.


The building itself stretches across 12,000 square metres and includes an immense amount of facilities like a stage, concert and exhibition halls and a photo gallery, studios and work spaces for socio-political groups, a place for education and counselling, a senior citizens’ centre and school, rehearsal studios for music and dance, an intercultural centre, work stations and even a party space.

When you take versatility and square meters into account, the WUK is one of the largest socio-cultural centres in Europe. More than 200,000 people visit and use the WUK every year.

The organisation itself says: “The WUK is an open cultural space, a space for lived interaction between art, politics and social issues. An expanded cultural concept becomes manifest, which transcends the everyday meaning of the word culture.”

© Wolfgang Thaler
© Heribert Corn


The WUKs goals can be viewed from two perspectives:
As a socio-cultural centre it wants to help in advancing processes like emancipation and independence, but also help to self-help, improve cultural work in the community and teach about self-management, self-organisation and autonomy. For example, the WUK strives to support young people in their self-determination, enabling their participation and promoting decision-making and responsibility.
As a centre of art and culture, the main emphasis also is on promoting the production and presentation of innovative and experimental critical art and culture on a local, regional and international level. Their mission is to be committed to sub-culture, off-culture and experiments, which results in taking up critical and future-oriented issues and solid entertainment.

WUK is organized in three pillars: Cultural Productions, WUK Education and Counselling as well as the WUK Socio-Cultural Centre. The Association for the Creation of Open Culture and Workshop Houses constitutes the legal umbrella organisation for these three pillars. About 650 members elect an executive board of six every two years.


This year has been very challenging for everyone. So we’ve decided to skip our usual Black Friday and join the #betterfriday movement this year: Let’s discuss travel plans and discounts at another time, right now we’d like to use our reach to create a stage for charity projects that support cultural diversity and inclusion in all our Ruby destinations.

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