Pulse of Europe
21 December 2021

Pulse of Europe #BetterTogether

These past years have been very challenging to all of us, and many great projects lost their visibility due to the circumstances. This is why we have decided to skip most of the regular Christmas posts and instead use our reach to highlight inspiring projects and organizations in the neighborhood of all our Ruby destinations. Our spirit is to promote and support diversity and inclusion, which matters because we are #bettertogether.


Introducing Pulse of Europe 

Germany, Frankfurt – International Relations are a complex topic. Everyone has an opinion, and there is hardly an absolute truth. All too often, a conversation that starts about politics ends in a heated exchange over details and differing ideas of what political systems are supposed to be and what not. A little while ago, someone explained me that politics and essentially political systems are like thermodynamics: The energy you get out is never greater than the energy you put in, and if you stop providing energy, the system moves towards an increased state of entropy.

In short, if you stop putting work into things, they decay and become disorderly, and it is much the same with the social, cultural, and political reality we are living here in Europe today as it is with those laws of physics. The continental project that has driven cultural exchange and peaceful coexistence for decades in Europe depends on engagement, which is a prerequisite to keeping this complex structure from falling into entropy. The energy required to retain this extraordinary construct from entropy comes from organizations like Pulse of Europe.

Pulse of Europe works tirelessly to mobilize Europeans who help work on this historically unique agreement, which reduces most continental borders to historical memory, liberates us from annoying currency exchange rates, and enables social and cultural mobility unprecedented in the story of the continent.

Pulse of Europe is a "movement that pursues no partisan aims, is not linked to any interest group and is nondenominational." Their work is to mobilize the necessary energy needed to keep the Europe we know evolving and dynamic in the face of changing times, sentiments, and the diverse needs of all Europeans. "At the center is our future and the question of which world we want to live in.  We can actively shape it.  Decisions that will set the path for the future are upon us. We Europeans must courageously take our fate into our own hands. Now is the time to get involved and to become active – not against, but for something."

The European Union and its supranational institutions are much less a given than most of us think and more controversial some of us tend to believe. Strong opinions exist, ranging from fear to opportunity, from equality to national identity. The answers are always a matter of negotiation. Still, it is undeniable that all of us are witnessing a Europe that was a utopia for centuries, needless to mention that a mere 100 years ago, today's cultural reality was hardly imaginable between all the extractive empires that shaped the fate of all European citizens, who, in most cases, did not have a saying back then.

"Peace is not a law of nautre, freedom doesn't grow on trees, and solidarity cannot be bought online." All of these complex ideas, which liberate our daily lives from so many fundamental problems and create a prosperous path for every European and the guest we welcome on the continent, need to be nurtured. Pulse of Europe tries to contribute that peace, freedom, and solidarity remain a vivid reality. The Europe-Activists of Pulse of Europe meet everywhere in Europa, are visible, and make noise that isn't turned against something but for all of us who cherish actively or passively from this political reality we are living today. Whether we realize it or not. 

© Pulse of Europe
© Pulse of Europe

Pulse of Europe's work

"The European Union is not perfect. We raise problems, draw attention to grievances, confront the leaders with mistakes and inadequacies, and demand changes and reforms. The freedom to do so springs from our political independence from parties, offices, and lobbyists." With the awareness and the courage to address the most pressing issues, Pulse of Europe differs so much from all the organizations that only focus on national nostalgia and the belief that Europeans are better as a fragmented collection of national tribes than together, to play united in today's concert of international relations.

Europeans from Lisbon to Warsaw and from Hammerfest to Valletta, and everywhere around have so much in common. Yet, all too often, the focus shifts away from this vast common ground towards the minor differences that separate us. Every European member is unique, all of Europe's cultures are beautiful in their unique way, and that makes Europe and its people so fantastic. Being different makes us stronger, so long we are united. The significant aspects of Europe's shared destiny have always been intertwined and interdependent, for the better and the worse. No one and nothing ever flourished in isolation on the continent. It has always been a European story, and Pulse of Europe tries to keep it that way. But their vision is a story of allies, not rivals. 

If you travel today through Europe, open arms and friendship are much more likely to be your host than grievances and rejections, regardless from where you are in Europe. People from everywhere of the continent work in a completely different part of the continent, make holidays in another corner of Europe and have their friends and family somewhere in between. This reality is enabled by the fact that moving through Europe's different cultural realms isn't interfered with by arbitrariness on the border, huge bureaucratic hurdles, ridiculously high roaming costs, inflated exchange rates, xenophobia, or the need to have your passport with you to visit your neighbor state. Europa's unified character becomes even more visible when we talk about the pandemic plaguing the world right now, where people are being flown out of COVID hotspots into regions of the continent that have the capacity to help their speedy recovery. Something that would be unimaginable in times of closed borders and nation-centered politics.

We are genuinely #bettertogether, and Pulse of Europe, with all their supporters, try to remind us thereof.