28 February 2023


Earlier in February we celebrated our 10th birthday in style.
So many Ruby people came together, where it began, all those years ago at Ruby Sofie - our very first hotel. It was a fantastic evening filled with music, singing, art, cocktails, food and most importantly our Rubyverse. We are so thankful to have had the time to celebrate together.

The night began with an exciting Ping Pong Tournament!
Thanks to our photographer Phillip Lipiarski for the incredible action shots of our talented Ruby Staff throughout the night.

We enjoyed some tasty cocktails from our skilled bartenders & delicious party food.
On top of that we a make up artist helping everyone get glammed in glitter. As well as live drawings with necklace or badge making from the talented artist Gunther Gerger.

We danced the night away to fantastic musicians, singers and DJ’s.
The atmosphere was electric, the music was loud and the company was even better.
We couldn’t have asked for a better team to celebrate this occasion with.

Thank you to all of our incredible musicians for creating such an amazing atmosphere for our 10th Anniversary .
Thank you to Nana Forest, Stefan on the percussions, Picaro(s), Krisz Banfi, Evi Niessner, and musical concept by: LÖWENHERTZ


Just like a person, we have a set of values that we try to live and work by. We call it the Ruby Spirit.

They are the 5 characteristics that we try to encourage in and outside of the Rubyverse.


We’re one team across five countries, sharing ideas, celebrating successes and growing together. We also work hard to build bonds in our home cities, with brilliant local businesses, artists and neighbours.


The status quo is there to be challenged and we’re not afraid to shake things up. We bravely break new ground and when we slip up, we learn from it and keep pushing forwards. 


We may be light-hearted but we take our responsibilities seriously. From the wellbeing of our teams to the health of the planet, we look after the things we love. And our guests can always rely on a warm welcome and a comfortable stay.


We believe that life’s there to be enjoyed, so we’re upbeat, passionate and pleasure-seeking. From a DJ set that really hits the spot to the first buttery bite of a morning pastry, we find joyful moments everywhere.


We’re all one-offs and proud of it. As well as being true to ourselves, we respect the uniqueness of others. We recognise the small stuff that set us apart and celebrate the big things that bring us together.