13 January 2023

How to Improve your sleep while traveling

“Throughout our lives, we are constantly trying to improve things. In our jobs, in the time we spend with friends and partners, and yet the issue of sleep is not at the top of this list. Optimising our own sleep should take priority,” advises Professor Doctor Christopher Schöbel.

Professor Schöbel and fellow sleep experts Dr. Els van der Helm and Dr. Albrecht Vorster, together with Ruby Hotels, have dedicated themselves to the world of healthy sleep in a series of exciting Life Talks.

Why do we often find it so difficult to relax and fall into a deep sleep?
The answer is explained by the first-night effect.
The left side of our brain stays alert to keep us safe. At home, we feel protected. Upon the first night in hotel room or new surroundings our brain is still alert, and that sense of home and security is not there. Let us dive further into how we can improve our sleep while traveling.


It’s important to us that every guest feels at home during their stay at Ruby. Each room is designed with a focus on the best possible quality sleep and stay.
By using a high-quality look and feel to our fabrics from our bedding to the soft fluffy towels  
Large premium mattresses, oversized and long bed covers, high-quality, ultralight, and anti-allergenic duvets and pillows as well as 7-zone mattresses are all standard.

The right atmosphere is important. Therefore, instead of using bright colours, we only work with white in the rooms, which has a calming effect.
Sound-insulated walls ensure a calm quiet oasis in the heart of the city.
As well as in-room temperature control and individual lighting control. Too uncomfortable, too cold, too loud – with our Lean Luxury philosophy, these problems just don’t happen.


Pay attention to your own night-time routine . Small changes to your behavior patterns can help you to sleep better. Our sleep experts' life talks revealed some valuable tips that can benefit your sleep.



If you struggle with switching off at night;
Reduce stress with coping skills,” suggests Dr. Els van der Helm. The sleep expert advises coping strategies for when your working day has been taxing.

Going to bed early and a few minutes of self-care in the morning or a power nap in the afternoon can work like a reset button. With our 60-second self-check-in at Ruby you can easily use the time saved to squeeze in a little nap before your next adventure exploring the city.

A sense of familiarity;

“If you frequently travel to the same town or city, you should always stay in the same hotel room, That way, the room will immediately be familiar to you. Our bodies love routines and sleep better when we maintain them, even when travelling says Dr. Albrecht Vorster.

Therefore ‘'Ruby hotel rooms and products are 80% standardised. Whether you’re staying in one of our eight hotels across Germany or travelling around Europe,” reveals our Head of Design, Matthew Balon

A feeling of security.

Smell is important for creating a feeling of security.
When we feel secure, then we sleep better,” explains Dr. Albrecht Vorster. So don’t forget your favourite perfume or last night’s pyjamas from home to bring that scent of familiarity. In every room you will also find the Ruby Care series. Our care series with shower gel, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner have such an aromatherapeutic effect. The scent concept developed by Ruby gives every room a fresh, pleasant atmosphere.

The darker the better:

“It should be as dark as possible, because even the lowest amount of light can have a negative influence on sleep,” explains Dr. Els van der Helm. Every Ruby room has extra-wide blackout curtains to provide effective light screening. High-quality sound insulation ensures the necessary quiet and prevents noise from other hotel guests from disturbing your best sleep possible.

A great night’s sleep awaits…

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