29 July 2022

Mimi Tanzt

© Street Parade

After two long years, this August, the Street Parade returns to Zürich, and Ruby Mimi dances along. Together with We Love House, timeless, and Abflug Berlin, we will turn Ruby Mimi into a little island of electronic delights, fine drinks, and a comfy bed plus a rainfall shower if you are looking for a cool refreshment – the weather forecast for the 13th of August is a lovely cloudless sunny day with a hot 30° degrees Celsius, don’t forget to stay hydrated!

A beautiful line-up with Tom Novy, Mr. Mike, Black Circle Sam Madi & DJ Muri, Sebastian Konrad, Sydney Dry, Mike Merz, and Robert Heart will be playing their finest tunes at Beatenplatz 4 from 15:00 until 02:00 in the morning, celebrating the Street Parade with everyone. Whether you want a quick break from dancing alongside the Love Mobiles or a smooth landing from an epic day past midnight, enjoying the afterparty, Ruby Mimi is a short 20 minutes away from the parade route strolling – whenever you feel like it, come and dance with us. 

The Street Parade Zurich

Starved of the 2020 and 2021 parties, the Street Parade is finally on again this year 2022. We missed this day when Zurich turns into a rainbow and full of happy people, sharing love and fantastic music, from old school Techno to fresh new tunes that keep us dancing into the night. The Street Parade’s Motto this year is (find the original here):

"THINK., thinking, reflecting: Only those who give free rein to their thoughts can confirm their own actions and prejudices, check them off or even - readjust them. Often we form opinions without knowing the background. Fast-moving events, also influenced by social media, make us impatient, naïve and vulnerable. THINK. - Knowledge is the yield of thoughts, and thoughts are the key for a peaceful coexistence of our cultures, no matter to which religion, skin color, origin or sexual orientation people belong.”

The Street Parade is an annual happening and as much an institution as its pendant in Germany, the Love Parade. The people, the atmosphere, and the picturesque setting are very inviting to enjoy a day off the grid, dancing into the sunset. All the colorful costumes, beautiful people, glorious music have a magical pull and leave a charming impression. After kicking it off at 13:00 at the Utoquai, the parade alongside the love mobiles will pass all music stages until it reaches its destination at Hafendamm Enge. Until 00:00 the parties will happen along this route, with parks and cool spots all around the lake basin of Zurich. But the show is not over, once the clock strike midnight, there are several cool afterparties and we invite to join us at Ruby Mimi Hotel & Bar, where we will stay tuned until 02:00. 

© Street Parade
© Street Parade
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