1 June 2022

Ruby Summer Vibes

Our definition of summer: Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, nights get longer, and life gets better – the best time to Explore, Sleep, Enjoy, Repeat good summer vibes with Ruby. With the hot part of 2022 coming to Europe, we will feature all the highlights this time of the year brings to each of our destinations.

Whether you are from next door, thirsty for an after-work refreshment or just arriving from down under to continue surfing the heat waves, we are looking forward to inspiring some beautiful memories and sharing our favorite experiences to make the most of your precious summer days.

Exploring as much as rediscovering the rich selection of events and activities is a great joy we share together. With love for all those beautiful moments, it matters to us to provide laid-back comfort instead of formalities. Inspiring people instead of pretty facades. Character and soul instead of polished surfaces. No expensive prestige addresses, but where the authentic heart of the city beats. 

Regardless of the city, you know, with us you’ll be a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle, so no commuting from the suburbs but just step outside Ruby's front door and breathe the city's atmosphere. To catch the right summer vibes, start your day with a tasty barista coffee and a healthy breakfast, or conclude your sunny trip with the drink of choice available around the clock if you are tired of sleeping away all those warm hours. Hitting the boiling point? Great time to enjoy some refreshing cool-off under our rainfall showers, where our RubyCare Elixirs will leave you nicely chilled with a cheeky hint of citrus and ready to repeat your sunny season rituals. 

Curious to join us on our journey through the sunny season, follow us on Instagram or Facebooksubscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for Ruby's Summer Vibes. Already know where you are going? Push that button and make it your own summer story.

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