6 January 2023

Sleep is much more than the bed

You can’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Here at Ruby our mission is to provide guests with an experience of feeling at home. Comfortable large beds with fluffy pillows to ensure a great night’s sleep.

With our Lean Luxury philosophy in mind; each room is always designed with a focus on the best possible quality of stay and of sleep: straight lines, a high-quality look and feel to the materials, and sound-insulated to give you that peace and quiet in the heart of the city.

Large premium mattresses, high-quality, ultralight, and anti-allergenic duvets and pillows await as well as 7-zone mattresses are all standard. As is the in-room temperature control and individual lighting control.


Long before the opening of the first Ruby Hotel CEO Michael Struck was intensely involved in researching and figuring out how to create the best night sleep for his guests.
Seeking contact with sleep researchers he soon realised that ‘‘sleep is much more than just the bed.’’


It starts with the room which should be dark and quiet. That is why we include sensible sound insulation in the building specifications. From walls and windows to ceilings and air conditioning units – every choice was made to provide the most peaceful sleep experience possible.

When choosing the correct light for each room sleep researchers expressed how important warm tones are and the part, they play on not only sleeping great but waking up, rested too.

In each room you will find Ruby Care scents that encourage you to wake up or wind down.
Our care series with shower gel, lotion, shampoo and conditioner have such an aromatherapeutic effect.

The core of a good night’s sleep, the bed.

The Ruby mattresses are custom-made and 2.10 meters long, with a high-quality 30-centimeter topper and pocket springs. All breathable and stabilizing in exactly the right places. Extra long blankets and bedding made from high-quality cotton ensure that you will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Always white in colour to make your room look bigger and brighter.

A great night’s sleep awaits…

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