16 October 2018

Sweet Dreams with Ruby

As frequent travelers, we know the feeling of sleeping in uncomfortable beds that are too short or too hard.

Sleep is one of the most crucial things in a city hotel, which is why we've teamed up with sleep scientists to create the ideal environment for regenerative sleep.


Extra-large beds


In all of our rooms you'll find oversized luxurious beds with pocket spring mattresses for ideal support during your sleep, jam sessions and everything else you might be up to. We also invested in super soft, extra-large and hypoallergenic bed linen with high thread count to make sure you get a deep and regenerative sleep while staying with us. As we've been asked so many times about where to buy our bed features, we decided to integrate them in our online shop. Check it out now and get 20% discount on our premium mattresses with the code RM20 for your Ruby experience at home.

Relax and unwind


After an exciting day full of business meetings or new impressions gathered while exploring the city, it's sometimes difficult to relax and clear your mind at night. The aromatherapeutic scent of our specially-created Soul Elixir Shower Gel with fragrances of ginger, cardamom, coconut and peach helps you unwind after a stressful day and sleep better. Cuddle up in our beds, dim the lights and switch off your phone. Let go of everything that concerned you during the day and think about something you're grateful for.

We want to make sure nothing disturbs you while dreaming. That's why we've installed high-quality soundproofing and a blackout system in every room.

Looking for more Ruby at home? In our Ruby Goods online shop we're selling our very own Ruby Care products, your favorite interior pieces from our hotels and much more exciting stuff.