29 June 2022

Ruby Rosi's Grand Opening Event

Another tale out of the books on Ruby Rosi’s shelves

Once upon a time (last week) the day for the fulminous opening celebration in the heart of Munich had arrived. People from everywhere gathered to dance into the night over the rooftops of the Bavarian capital alongside a magical line-up with Tom Novy, Loisach Marci, DJ Funshine, Nana Forest plus the one and only Brian Scott Bagley.

The party spread from the bar to the rooftop, with the opportunity to see a selection of Rosi’s 101 rooms. Rosi’s bar transformed into a stage later and into a dancefloor while we got to toast to Munich’s youngest fairy tale. 

Bally Prell would have loved it. For those of you who don't know Bally Prell, she was an iconic singer from Munich, famously known for her song Isarmärchen. Ruby Rosi’s charm touches upon the famous Isarmärchen, and her spirit spun like a red thread through last Wednesday night in Rosi’s halls. Different storytellers lightened the mood, with Red Ridings Hood Negroni in high demand and other Fairy bubbles on the menu, creating the backdrop of an hour-long musical delight. Find more impressions of the night on Ruby Rosi's Facebook page.

Ruby Rosi’s story draws inspiration from all the mystical stories people tell each other in this realm, infused with a deep admiration for Bavaria's capital, turning our new hotel into its own Isarmärchen, which was originally sung and lived by Munich's beloved icon Bally Prell with her spirit present in Rosi’s interior design.

About Ruby Rosi

Ruby Rosi Hotel & Bar is right next to Munich's central train station and is, by extension, convenient to reach from the MUC airport. Once you are there, some of Munich's most appealing landmarks, like the old town with the famous Frauenkirche, Marienplatz, or Viktualienmarkt, are just a few minutes' walks away.

The entrance to our newest hotel is at Bayerstrasse 21, where you will find luxuriously appointed rooms and public areas inspired by the old Isar fairy tales blended with traditional Bavarian history—staying at Rosi is a magical journey with a rooftop garden to enchant your stay on sunny days and starlit evenings. You can enjoy the house's signature cocktails from our potion-wielding alchemists at our bar - so drop by when you are around.

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