28 December 2016

Format Works - the design agency

A laughing, gleeful girl sitting on a swing and kicking a bucket to the rim full with orange paint – this is definitely urban art that catches the eye.

Through combining different paint technics with motifs ranging from classic to extravagant, the Munich based design agency Format Works has created a variety of wall designs, including those in the Ruby Marie Bar. By using ornate pieces of art as foundation they have successfully created hip, inspiring and modern wall designs that have made us eager to find out some more about them.

Marcus of Format Works is the creative head behind the designs at Ruby Marie, time to get to know him better.


Hi Marcus!

Graffiti has been an urban trend for many years – how has Graffiti changed over time and how have you adapted to these trends?

Graffiti has evolved quite a lot in the past; You need to differentiate between the medium lacquer paint and spray cans as well as the art of graffiti, which combines design, expression as well as the intended place of the piece of art. In our work as design agency, we have realized that with color brilliance and the techniques of graffiti we can break classic design and further develop it. That’s why we define our work more as design within the room, as we have designed a lot graphically and with the computer, and afterwards have applied the designs onto the walls. That’s why we have developed a combination of two-dimensional thinking about design with three-dimensional thinking of spatial design. We are a young creative design agency that creates visual identity.


What tools do you use to create your designs?

Most of our work is based on drafting the designs digitally and with the help of wall paper print outs and templates we manually arrange the designs onto the wall. This mix of digital and analog creates a new possibility of approaching design.


How have you created unique designs that correspond to the building of Ruby Marie?

We used the mix of modern, lean architecture of the new building and Ruby’s personal relationship to guests and employees as our guiding principle. A guest must feel comfortable – You can achieve that through a balance of personality, service and privacy. We worked on communicating the personality visually. Through our creative freedom, we were able to develop the designs for the hotel with our own inspiring ideas.


How did you approach the designing process for Ruby Marie and which art technics did you use?

Design is a language that communicates playfully. In the case of Ruby Marie, we were asked to work out a design which combines the history of the building with the style and the brand language of Ruby Hotels. We closely worked together with the architecture department of Ruby and were able to playfully combine the interior design and brand image into the design. The focus thereby was a modern merge between history and presence. Spray cans as well as the graffiti technic and fine arts were the elements which were used to break the classic design. These elements also represent the street scene of contemporary Vienna and its great art scene.


How long have you worked on the designs?

It took us around one month for the conception, preparation and actual designing on site and in the studio. The most difficult part was to rethink from 2D to the complete room and finding design elements that suit all areas of the hotel. With the basic motifs of Secession and the commercial figures of traditional Viennese companies, we then found the right elements.


Where did the inspiration for the designs come from?

The mix of styles originates from different sources that reflect the history of the building and traditional Viennese companies, such as Ankerbrot, posters and pieces of art by the Viennese Secession gallery and further elements of the 60s to 70s. In the bar area we created a design concept which brings together different perspectives of street art and thereby tells stories of its own. For the bar we used a mix of elements such as posters, graphics and shapes.

Check out Format.works and their other creations on their website or see the designs for yourself and book a room at Ruby Marie.