7 October 2020

Paula Ellert at Ruby

Ruby Leni, our second hotel in Dusseldorf, is quite an eycatcher with its colourful terrace, plush red velvet chairs and crystal chandeliers. To give the interior a local note, we’ve teamed up with the wonderful interior designer Paula Ellert.

Paula, born and raised in Dusseldorf, focuses on making interior pieces with a twist that are sure to make you look twice. She works with different materials such a wood, metal and plexiglass. The shapes of the design pieces are simple, often minimalist, but always with an unexpected detail. Inspirations are found everywhere, in architecture, art, design history or even fashion. Subtle retro vibes are what makes the „Ruby look", in this case mid century elements. 

© Kristof Puller the Dorf


As we always like to say: We prefer rough edges instead of slipperiness, nonchalance over exaggeration, laughing loudly and heartfully instead of gossiping quietly. This also applies to our interior, where we combine original vintage pieces with quirky design props, plants and the conscious use of light.

It’s a matter to our heart to let the interior design tell the buildings story and celebrate the local influences.

Like all other Ruby hotels, Ruby Leni is inspired by the history of the building. In Ruby Lenis case, it is located in the old location of the Schauspielhaus – where Goethes famous “Faust” was shown. That’s why the interior is completely inspired by the glitter and glamour of big stages in the 50’s with little references to Faust, Mephisto and the famous poodle.

© Kristof Puller the Dorf
© Kristof Puller the Dorf


Paula Ellert’s exclusive interior pieces fit in perfectly and add the little extra twist we’re always looking for. She chose several table and floor lamps out of her “Layers” collection to illuminate the space, a sideboard with red glass top to set a colorful accent and the “Longplay” and “Single” side tables that invite you to lean back and put down your drink whilst relaxing.

See the designs “on stage” on our Youtube Channel and check out Paulas Website.

And in case you’ve completely fallen in love with one of her unique pieces (trust us, we can relate), you can even buy selected items in our Ruby Shop online.